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Past Projects


RIFF VR is a one of a kind music role playing experience.

Use VR technology to become the guitarist, drummer, or singer of your own band. The RIFF VR band members will jam with you thanks to motion capture by professional musicians.

Select from 3 levels of difficulty. Stream directly from the game and show the world the rockstar within you! 

Choose from 20 original tracks covering Classic Metal, Classic Rock, and Modern Classics. All songs that you know and love by bands such as Poison, Europe, KISS, 3 Doors Down, Fall out Boy, X Ambassadors, and more!

Click Here to find out more by visiting the RIFF VR website.

Arthur Christmas: Elf Run

How does Santa deliver billions of presents in one night? With your help, that’s how! 

Jump, dive, and crawl through houses as quickly and quietly as you can to deliver gifts to children around the world. Don’t crash into anything, and feed the pets to keep them quiet, or you’ll get a Waker and it’s Mission Terminated! 

#1 Kids Game, UK App Store; Top Ten US Store

Star Wars Brisksaber

Star Wars Brisksaber

This mobile game for Liptons Brisk Tea had over 2 million downloads in the US

and Canada alone. Its very high engagement and retention rates provided over 20 million minutes of gameplay in which the brand name was called out over 35 million times.



When Game and TV Producer Tony Shiff moved to Canada from sunny California, he had no idea what Canadian

winters would feel like. So when it came to naming his new Canadian company, it seemed appropriate to name it from

the most Canadian experience he had: 20 degrees below  zero.

What Canadians call brisk.

20 Below Games focuses on making music videogames with a focus on VR,AR, and mobile.